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The policies currently coming out of D.C. don’t reflect the needs of average Americans. Washington doesn’t seem to have any answers for the cruel tax of inflation, the chaotic supply chain crisis, or the ballooning workforce shortage. In fact, Washington seems to be making all of these problems worse. In contrast, many free-market minded governors have been working to enact beneficial policy reforms that help small businesses, their employees, and the economy—providing opportunities for their state’s residents to achieve the American Dream.

To highlight these successful “laboratories of opportunity,” the Job Creators Network (JCN) and Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) has launched the Great Opportunity Project (GOP). By activating grassroots members, traveling the country, and amplifying the message through the media, JCN and JCNF are shining a spotlight on policy victories at a state level while helping to shape the broader national conversation. We are connecting the dots between conservative policies and prosperity to support small businesses, protect healthcare choices, promote the rule of law, and empower parents.